Charitable Giving

MCS Bank gives back.

MCS Bank supports local charities and organizations through financial gifts. Below are some who benefited in 2013.

  • United Way of Mifflin/Juniata
  • Huntingdon County Humane Society
  • Five Barley Loaves
  • Lumina Center

90th Anniversary Campaign

MCS Bank celebrated its 90th Anniversary throughout 2014.  At the beginning of the year each office was given money to be used throughout the year to impact its community.  Our employees exceeded our expectations with their community impact projects.  Below are the over 40 “projects” of our employees.

South End Playground

Rescue Our Furry Friends

Lumina Center “Fun in the Sun” Program

MCS Bank’s Kid’s Day

O’Hesson Manor

Lewistown Hospital Flowers

“Save, Spend, Give, Grow” Program

Random Act of Kindness – McDonald’s

Taylor Dickson Auction

Breast Cancer Awareness

Children’s Gifts for Fire Victims

Lumina Center Lunch

National Night Out at Rec Park

Teen Club

Taylor Dickson Auction

Furnace Cleaning

YMCA Halloween Event

Blankets for Pediatric Department at Lewistown Hospital

Common Ground subscriptions for 7th floor of Lewistown Hospital

Cookies for Veterans


Central Pennsylvania Clinic

Kelly Grove

Belleville Fire Company

Tree Giveaway

Cheyenne Byler

Jess Zimmerman

Country Village Restaurant

Taste of the Valley Café

Cheyenne Byler

Valley View

Big Valley Amish Schools

Big Valley Meals on Wheels

Community Library of Menno/Brady

Mount Union

Flower Containers for Downtown Mount Union

American Flag Kits

Amber Hancock

Gift Cards for Mount Union Historical Society Auction

Picnic Table for McClure Park

Bench in McClure


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