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Vehicle Loans

Whether it is a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV, our loans can put you behind the wheel of your dream. If you have already selected a model or if there are still decisions to be made, we offer you fast, convenient, and quality service with terms up to 6 years.

Personal Loans

These loans can be secured or unsecured, depending on the amount requested by the borrower. This money can be used for anything such as those occasional expenses or other opportunities when you choose not to pay with cash on hand. We offer short term fixed rate loans for these purposes.

Loan on Savings

These loans are secured by the funds that you have deposited with MCS Bank in the form of a Certificate of Deposit (CD) or Savings Account. This type of loan is very quick, low rate, and there are no fees. You may borrow up to 90% of the available balance in your collateral account. With this loan, you will continue to earn interest on that CD or Savings Account.


Either secured or unsecured, a line-of-credit gives you the convenience of writing your own loan when you need it. This money can be used for anything including "Overdraft Protection" for your checking account.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact any branch office or our loan center.


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